Key visual of the Migros promotion "M-Escape"


ESE Agency haunts Migros

Damian Steffen
Migros launches its mobile game "M-Escape" with a spooky promotion: An escape game – and with every purchase, new items are unlocked. ESE Agency supports them with a comprehensive communication concept for a digitally savvy target audience. The campaigning included, among other things, the messaging and design concept as well as media planning and the social strategy. All from one source.

Adventure. Awareness. Activation.

ESE Agency gave the puzzle game an adventurous flair with the narrative around the "Haunt in Migros". The key visual also reminds of Hollywood and picks up the story about the deserted branch. For the promotional campaign, the creative agency set the pen to paper during the conception phase and followed through to the execution of the advertising materials – naturally with the ESE signature. Modern, direct, and straightforward.

The community deciphers

The haunted Migros branch from the game offers puzzle fun for a core target group that is digital and keen on puzzle games. The communication concept focuses on simplicity: Easily understandable messages – and communicative barriers are also cleared out of the way.

ESE Agency spooks Migros customers: The content campaign

The advertising materials for Migros' own channels and external media are complemented by content on the socials. The concept provides a strategy that bets on entertainment. A highlight: ESE Agency set up a prank format where ghosts clean the store and tamper with products – with priceless reactions. For community and conversion. Zeitgeist – in the truest sense of the word.

Influencers experience the spook firsthand: An integral part of the social media concept is creating organic reach. With content that generates awareness through its own channels, influencers like Flavio Leu become authentic ambassadors of the spooky adventure.

The puzzle game "M-Escape: Haunt in Migros" is playable from today. In the coming weeks, with every purchase, the stamp card can be filled and new content unlocked. For clever minds with strong nerves.