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Corporate Design – Corporate Identity – (Re-)Branding – Logo – Corporate Language –

Corporate Design – Corporate Identity – (Re-)Branding – Logo – Corporate Language –
Corporate Design – Corporate Identity – (Re-)Branding – Logo – Corporate Language –

Why us

Demonstrating character strength is essential. Brands should be tangible, professional, and emotionally resonant. We advocate for corporate designs that make a clear statement and stand for unequivocal communication. Today a modern brand, tomorrow a striking impact. We aim to get to know you and your brand, sharpen the key values, and integrate them into a coherent branding strategy. Our expertise spans from branding new brands to re-branding that presents old values in a modern light.

What we offer


Brands need to keep up with the times. A progressive corporate identity manages the balance between fresh designs and the preserved core of the brand. A real high-wire act of design.

Corporate Design

The user journey is our race track. At every corner, at every touchpoint pit stop, a brand experience awaits. Where target-leading layouts, brand values, and well-thought-out funnels collide - without brand pile-up. But all the more sustainable. From mood board to style guide with the exact color values and typography rules, we create designs that work adaptably on all possible advertising surfaces. Sometimes out-of-home, sometimes out-of-the-box, and everything in between. responsive. recognizable. remarkable.

Logo Design

We analyze the essence of a brand. Combined with our straightforward language and affinity for zeitgeist and designs, we tinker on the hallmark – the logo.

Corporate Identity

We position brands. In the market and in the minds of the target group. Based on the brand values and the created identity, we breathe life into brand communication. Whether SME, startup, or traditional company with complex brand architecture.
This is ESE

We operate in the sweet spot between design zeitgeist, stakeholder acceptance, and brand understanding.

We worked so these brands could run

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