All for the Future


Denner? Sustainable? Really? Even if you (still) don't believe it, Denner has achieved great things in the ecological sector over the past 20 years. It should be visible: We have launched the most modern sustainability platform in Switzerland. The goal: honest, authentic, and transparent sustainability communication that does justice to Denner.


National poster campaign

Development of a communicative bracket for Denner's sustainability commitment

Creation of the most modern sustainability platform in Switzerland

Animating short launch clips for social media





Web design

Advertising/Image films

Advertising campaign


Far from self-congratulation and hypocrisy

Denner has made a significant impact, but there's still a long way to go! We've articulated a communicative framework that responsibly and tangibly unites commitment, evidence, and objectives, thus bridging the past, present, and future.

Committed to sustainability for years. Yet, that's not enough. All for the Future!

We've created the most modern sustainability platform as a basis for communication, featuring stories, news, and videos all about sustainability. The community is informed, made aware, and entertained. Denner isn't just managing a simple campaign microsite. Instead, it delivers a media platform relevant to society and community in the age of online journalism, with a modern look & feel and high reader appeal in Switzerland.

We've animated short promo clips that serve as a showcase for the 'All for the Future' ('Alles auf Zukunft') platform and as key media for the campaign launch on social media.

The national poster campaign appears in a 'Retro Modern Art' style. Denner surprises with a new, daring look - and bets everything on the future in branding as well.

The campaign includes us all. All employees, all partners, all customers, all people, and residents of this planet. Denner creates another vessel for individual sustainable commitment, without pointing fingers or forcing anyone. Everyone is invited, but not obliged.

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