Archlet AG

A Digital Journey with a Focus on the Destination

Archlet AG

Starting as an ETH startup. Today, Archlet supports international companies with their procurement software. Data analytics? Boring? Not with Archlet! The new website is a playful user experience.


Call-to-action structure

Web presence in illustration style

Immersive web experience with interactive animations

Storytelling approach focusing on vision and culture

Integration tools for lead generation


On an exploratory mission through software

Archlet lives its vision: Encouraging procurement professionals to think about more than just costs. Accordingly, the website feels like a small, inspiring journey for B2B professionals. Having a detail-oriented design with clear call-to-action structures? That doesn't have to be a contradiction.

Just between us. From Start-Up to Start-Up.

Corporate culture. Drive. Passion. These are success factors in many Start-Ups that must be maintained at all costs (we know this for ourselves). That's why culture shines through in every corner of the website. Sometimes more obvious, sometimes more hidden.

Interactive, immersive - overloaded?

You are just one click away of entering a parallel universe. The website is a digital experience that almost captivates you. Despite this, the focus is on usability - as it is for the procurement software itself. You can also find sneak peeks of the product on the website to confirm this. Visitors not only get a nice impression of an up-and-coming start-up, but also a clear picture of Archlet's range of services.

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