Tal Absolue

Is This a Website or Already a Cosmetic Advisor?

Tal Absolue

Tal is a Swiss cosmetics authority. Their product line 'Tal Absolue' protects the skin from blue light, pollution, and other environmental influences with new technologies. Such innovations deserve a future-oriented web presence, right?


Interactive and informative user experience thanks to advisory bot and hover effect

Modern look & feel for a Swiss cult brand

Storytelling approach that highlights product benefits

Tal Absolue


Web design

Web programming

Look & feel

The website for the 'Tal Absolue' product line focuses on interactivity: The advisory bot analyzes the user's skin type and knows exactly which product can be helpful. Instead of scrolling through endless boring and dry texts, the chat function guides customers to their perfect product.

The selected storytelling approach is not just about selling products. It shows health-relevant facts. In this narrative, the brand can profile itself as an expert authority.

'Tal Absolue' embodies Swissness on the one hand, while on the other they are known for their innovations when it comes to skincare. This balancing act between traditional values and a future-driven state of mind is reflected in the modern look and feel of the new website.

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