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On the Go in Paris: Art and Content in One Campaign

Boa Lingua

Boa Lingua, the largest Swiss language travel agency, launches a content campaign together with the culture platform LYRICS Magazine. We send rap scene giants Mimiks and LCone to Paris. What follows is top-notch cross-media entertainment.


Adventurous content campaign in Paris

Documentation, video clip, and social media content make language exchange tangible

Campaign song 'A-Team' becomes a community hit


Landing page


Content production

Boa Lingua inspires with its journeys. This adventurous feeling takes center stage. The actors of the campaign, which is targeted to a young and urban audience: Rapper Mimiks and LCone. Heezy Lee, a star producer from Paris, is also joining them. Together they create the popular single 'A-Team', which has 600,000 Spotify streams.

This insane journey is documented in Instagram content, Vlogs, Articles and a Music Video. The LYRICS community and fans of the two artists get to experience the action up close - and on the campaign landing page they get the chance to win such an odd trip for themselves.

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