Migros Support Culture

The Social Media Campaign for Migros

Migros Support Culture

Migros loves Swiss culture! For the nationwide campaign 'Support Culture', we created content that lets Swiss club culture shine. For this comprehensive social media conception and implementation, we pulled out all the creative stops.


Multilingual online campaign

Consistent storytelling across various content categories

Concept for a diverse and varied target audience


Social media campaigning

Content concept

Content production

Influencer marketing

Video animation

For (even) more culture in Switzerland: Migros donates 6 million to culture associations. On this mission, we're supporting Migros with a social media concept that speaks to everyone: From artists and culture enthusiasts to Migros customers. From LinkedIn to TikTok. Across all age groups.

With over 15 million views on our content, we've generated awareness for the support action. How? With a Hollywood actor, guerrilla stunts, influencer Flavio Leu in carnival spirits, and a holistic concept approach: Charisma. Content. Call-to-Action.

Children's choirs, improvisational comedy, sketch art, and more? This is all culture. To celebrate this diversity, we've brought together Migros customers with Swiss culture. A highlight: An improv comedy duo, undercover as Migros employees (Spoiler: You've never seen sales staff like this) – bridging the gap between advertising and viral videos. Reaction clips use a modern language that appeals not only to the younger generation.

Actor, photographer, and musician Carlos Leal serves as the testimonial, presenting the support action and motivating people to participate. The challenge: How do you explain a campaign to both a traditional yodeling club and a progressive street art association in the same video appealingly? From the young talents to the senior sections? In just a few seconds?

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Migros Support Culture