Denner Tragtaschen

You've definitely seen this one!

Denner Tragtaschen

Our agency's work is what we encounter most in everyday life. While strolling through the city, at mom's house on the kitchen table, in the tram, and of course, with every shopping trip at Denner. Everywhere, our designs for Denner shopping and cooler bags. It makes us proud.


Reinterpretation of Denner-Swissness

3D rendering of the Swiss cross as an eye-catcher




It has now become an ESE specialty: creating shopping bags for Denner. Whether it's a cool, fabric or PET recycling bag, we've designed them all. Interpreting Denner-Swissness in a modern way and creating a design that is tear-resistant, washable and unique - that has become our expertise.

We are thrilled that our designs are reaching Swiss households in this way and that we have created something fresh from the established values - and we are even more pleased that our designs may encourage people to use sustainable (100% recycled) reusable bags.

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Denner Tragtaschen