Migros M-Escape

A Campaign for Migros' New Mobile Game

Migros M-Escape

Migros is Haunted! And we're bursting with spirit. For the promotion 'M-Escape', the new mobile game, we packed the spooky story into a coherent concept and accompanied its implementation. The campaigning included, among other things, the messaging and design concept as well as media planning and the social strategy. All from one source.


Comprehensive communication concept

Multilingual online and offline campaign

Consistent storytelling across various content categories

Niche topic prepared for a diverse and varied target audience


Slogan world

Key visual

Messaging concept

Social media campaigning

Content concept

Content production

Influencer marketing

Video animation

Adventure. Excitement. Activation.

We've infused the puzzle game with an adventurous flair through the story of 'The Haunting at Migros' ('Spuk in der Migros').Our key visual draws inspiration from blockbuster films, capturing the essence of the deserted and cursed Migros branch. From concept to the final execution of the promotional materials, we've carried through with our signature ESE touch – modern, direct, and straightforward.

The Community Deciphers

The Escape Game community is alive and kicking, and together with Migros, we're bringing even more life to it. M-Escape appeals not just to genre enthusiasts but is designed for everyone. The spooky Migros branch from the game offers puzzle fun for a core target group that is digital at heart.

Our communication concept is all about simplicity: Easy-to-understand messages – and we've made sure to clear any barriers to entry. The campaign's core target group includes individuals with a penchant for Exit Games. While the community puzzles, we've deciphered them in our communication strategy.

Spooking the Migros Customers

The promotional materials for Migros's own channels and external media are complemented by content on socials, spanning from Facebook to TikTok, outlining the strategy. A highlight: We had ghosts clean the store and mess with products – resulting in priceless reactions. This prank format resonates with the target group. For community and conversion. Zeitgeist – in the truest sense of the word.

(not so) Native Content: Influencers Experience the Haunting Firsthand

Locked in Migros, in the dark – and then things get even spookier: We confronted influencers Flavio Leu, Maria Pace, Peter Bolliger, and Isaline Ackermann with their fears. What starts as a normal Instagram story suddenly turns into a horror adventure. Organic reach and authentic ambassadors? Check!

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Migros M-Escape