F. Preisig AG

Civil Engineers and Planners Set the Next Milestone

F. Preisig AG

The renowned company shines with a new identity: The website has the look and feel that does justice to this engineering office. For F. Preisig AG, we combine tradition and experience with progress. And this both online and offline.


Progressive web presence

State of the art presentation of references

Design of the anniversary edition of the company magazine

New look & feel of corporate communication

F. Preisig AG

Web design

Web programming

Revision of CI/CD

Layout and production of company magazine

Application of CI/CD in communication

This company is progressive. F. Preisig AG is modern in the way they work and manage their business. Values that are immediately tangible when visiting the new website.

Turning digital into analog

In the same year, the newly created corporate design was realized in the annual company magazine 'PROFIL'. With further advertising and communication measures, we support F. Preisig AG to live up to its new identity.

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F. Preisig AG