Brooklyn Brewery

Brooklyn Brewery and LYRICS Showcase the Sound of Tomorrow

Brooklyn Brewery

LYRICS Magazine and Brooklyn Brewery help young talents break through. At the NextUp Studios, a very special project was born: A sampler with the hungriest music rookies of Switzerland. For this ambitious project, we designed a comprehensive concept for the craft beer brewery from New York.


Cross-media marketing: From Instagram to traditional media and Spotify

Amplifying reach through user engagement

Sponsoring concepts and collaboration with high-reach media

Implementation of social media content





Advertising/Image films

Advertising campaign


Press work

Spotlight on brands and artists

Two months full of action: Alongside seven upcoming stars, we put Brooklyn Brewery in the spotlight. The footage taken in the NextUp Studios is published on various channels - Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Spotify, Facebook and our own platform. Music videos, banner campaigns, entertaining clips of the rising stars and social media content are accompanying this huge project.

Stop the standstill. New drive during the crisis.

Between lockdowns and restrictions, the cultural sector had almost come to a complete standstill. No concerts, no festivals - it had become hard for newcomers to get noticed. The Brooklyn Brewery and LYRICS are therefore giving promising talents the publicity, they deserve.

In this, Brooklyn Brewery is always present: the beer brand distributed by Feldschlösschen turns into a culture supporter.

authentic. cultural. urban.

Outstanding opportunities for brands

As media partners, we have acquired high-reach publishers: 20 Minuten, Universal Music, Virgin Radio, Mainland Music. The German cult magazine Juice ensures that NextUp Studios also attracts attention beyond the country's borders. We offer our partners not only advertising space - but also a unique opportunity: Being present when the next star is born.

Visuals on the zeitgeist

The slightly dim studio feeling tailored to the Brooklyn Brewery is not only central to the performance clips, but also to press photos and communication measures.

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Brooklyn Brewery