HPAG Architektur

Sky High. Precisely.

HPAG Architektur

The renowned Bernese architecture office HPAG Architecture is ready for the handover of the baton: Figurehead and owner Hans Ruchti handed over HPAG Architecture to the new generation. But on the big day, it wasn't just the management that was new – but also the complete appearance of the company.


Re-branding for a renowned architecture office

Showcase of references with a modern look & feel

Symbiosis of logo and main slogan

Implementation of all advertising and communication materials

Company portrait offers deep insights into the company




Photo shooting

Web programming

Advertising/Image films

Web design

With HPAG it goes 'Up high. Precisely.' ('Hochhinaus. Punktgenau.').

The slogan embodies the style and philosophy of the HPAG architecture. Big buildings, high goals - but always down-to-earth and professional. We have playfully taken up the slogan symbolism in the new logo. This combination merges into a stringent symbiosis.

The new CI/CD is fully implemented: from the welcome flags by the office entrance to the printed materials and car lettering.

Professionalism & modernity combined for a Look & Feel

High Quality. Personal. Sophisticated. Credible.

The management explains these four attributes in a company portrait using a professional interview setting - and provides in-depth insights.

The image video serves as simple, informative and authentic entertainment for potential customers and future employees.

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HPAG Architektur