Migros Play & Win

A promotion that creates a winning frenzy

Migros Play & Win

With 'Migros Play & Win', a mobile game is coming that combines gaming fun and collecting joy. For this, our agency not only designs the vibrant key visual but also the comprehensive campaigning and the implementation of advertising materials.


Comprehensive communication concept

Multilingual online and offline campaign

Key visual designed and implemented in a gaming theme

Campaign tailored for diverse and varied target audiences


Communication concept

Slogan-world key visual

Message concept

Social media campaigning

Content concept

Design of advertising materials

Video animation

Big wins for quick fingers

The game with simple Match3 mechanics makes prizes rain. Over 300,000 prizes are distributed – and with every Migros purchase, the rewards get closer. These dopamine rushes are also central in the communication concept and message design.

Migros cult products come to life

Charming Migros products lend their 'face' to the promotional campaign. Those who look closely will notice loving product illustrations like the iconic vanilla ice cream or the popular private label iced tea in many of the advertising materials. Thus, the visuals are unmistakably 'Migros'.

A balancing act: The campaign links the quirky game setting with one of the most likable brands.

Visual on the mobile gaming zeitgeist

The inspiration behind the key visual is the colorful and dynamic world of mobile games. Especially the logo is reminiscent of well-known genre representatives. As striking as the designs appear, the message hierarchy is simple and reduced: The information should be perceived equally.

Cross-media designed

The promotion of the game runs across a wide selection of channels. On social networks like Instagram or Pinterest, in display ads, in the stores themselves, to a variety of Migros-owned media. But always tailored to the target audience: sometimes wild motion graphics animations flicker across the screen, sometimes in image form, sometimes just with text. In three languages.

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Migros Play & Win