Stories from Gen Z – For Gen Z


Advertising is dead? Long live advertising. The young consume content – not spots. The online format Snack-Talk delivers characters, chronicles, and most importantly: Non-commercial clips.


Exciting personalities in focus

Authentic ambassadors showcased

Content with viral appeal


Video animation

Influencer marketing

Content creation

Content concept

Social media campaigning

"OMG, aren't you the one who…" This catchphrase kicks off the short social media clips. In an urban setting, our host meets personalities that seem familiar, whether it's a football pro, a rap star, or a face from the 20 Minutes cover. These are the stories that captivate Gen Z.

M-Budget is bold and fresh. This brand tone is echoed in our format "Snack-Talk." With a focus on Instagram Reels and TikTok, we match the slang of a young target audience: Snappy statements > deep talks. But M-Budget snacks are always part of the show. Not as subtle product placement, but as an integral component of the interviews.

The Buzzword Memeability

The clips have serious viral potential. Whether EAZ shares that he wrote his biggest hit in the bathroom, or a female footballer makes a bold statement to haters: The engagement rate soars.

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