F. Preisig Monopoly

A strategic move for employer branding

F. Preisig Monopoly

Between childhood dream and employee loyalty: A board game based on a classic game makes the construction company F. Preisig AG more tangible than ever. We present the employer with its own roads, buildings and construction sites.


Conception of an employee loyalty programme

Design of game elements

Creative advertising material

Company explained in a playful way

F. Preisig AG



Production support

Successful employer branding only works holistically. If you can't retain employees, you will probably also fail to recruit them. We therefore encourage our partners to take a holistic ‘360° approach’ – and not to focus entirely on recruitment. By designing our own board game, we combine appreciation for existing specialists with a playful company presentation for new employees.

so approachable, so sociable

The employer brand of F. Preisig AG positions itself close to its employees. As sociable as the culture in the company is, the employee gift is just as sociable: the new edition of an absolute classic game.

The PRE-opoly lets employees and their relatives immerse themselves in the company: Each field and each card depicts a piece of the company's history. From complex construction projects to tricky water supply projects. Peppered with sharp-witted insider jokes, F. Preisig deepens the relationship with her most important resource - the people in the company.

So when the question comes up again: ‘Mummy, what do you actually do for a living?’ Then it's simply explained and clarified on the board. The construction company not only shines with innovation on the construction site, but also in personnel marketing.

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F. Preisig Monopoly