Star Bicycle

One of the Best Webflow Sites of All Time

Star Bicycle

Acclaimed and highly praised: International bloggers, experts, and juries are sure – the Starbicycle website is among the highest quality that Webflow has to offer. Created in 2019, we are still often asked about the unique implementation of the user experience today.


Innovative character thanks to scroll animation

New look and feel and visual language present Star Bicycle in a modern light

The StarBot acts as a bike expert in online conversations with customers

Unique experience factor in the bike industry


Web design

Web programming

Product shooting

Image editing

Star Bicycle has few opportunities to present its bikes to the public. The solution: a website that offers users a much cooler experience than a shop window ever could.

The centerpiece is the scroll animation. The mouse controls the playback of the videos. In this way, each user determines the speed of the storytelling - and takes on the role of the director.‍

May we introduce? The StarBot

Our StarBoot is a top salesperson and knows his way around the product range online. The virtual bike expert talks to customers, determines their wishes - and forwards them to Star Bicycle.

Swiss website. Celebrated worldwide.

We programmed the Star Bicycle website on Webflow; a stroke of luck, as it turned out. The Webflow community - designers and programmers from all over the world - celebrated the release of the website and ensured that the homepage of the Winterthur bike store collected clicks from all continents.

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