Not Just a Website Visit, but a Journey


Cosmetics from the heart of Appenzell to the world. Swifiss can flaunt 'Swissness' in international trade. With fresh leadership, it's also strategically realigning. Part of the change: A new high-end website to the best Webflow standard and a modern touch in branding.


A unique website experience with scroll animation and drone clip

Complex service offering becomes tangible and interactive

New look & feel for the cosmetics product portfolio

Supporting a tradition-rich cosmetics manufacturer in a new business chapter



Web design

Web programming

Further development of look & feel and branding

The new Swifiss AG website is unmatched in the industry. You don't visit the website, you discover it: In an action-packed introduction, you fly down a Swiss mountainside towards the valley, where the next spectacle is waiting to be experienced in the form of a tangible homepage.

The Webflow programming makes it possible to present the entire manufacturing process of a Swifiss product through a scroll animation on the homepage. The interactive website design captivates users, conveys information and inspires in a playful way.

ESE Agency x Swifiss AG – a sustainable partnership

We further developed the branding and provided various design services related to product representation.

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