Denner & 20min

Euro Game: Modern Communication for the Football Event

Denner & 20min

Summer 21: Corona fever gives way to sports fever. For the football party, three parties meet: 20min brings community and platform, Denner the game development and 200,000 instant prizes, ESE Agency provides artwork and advertising materials. The Euro Game offers maximum activity opportunities.


Implementation of advertising concept for 20min and Denner

Modern artwork with centered price advertising

Video banners for digital display


Advertising materials


It's probably never been so easy to win prizes: 200,000 instant prizes, an ultimate grand prize and dozens of free Denner products await.

A sporty balance

Our task: to create a balanced communication strategy between a modern, fresh look & feel and a price-based advertisement with an integrated call-to-action. No sooner said than done: the advertising material, ranging from the video banner to the print advertisement on the 20min-Cover, follows a clear narration: 'take part and win' ('mitmachen und gewinnen').

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Denner & 20min