Müller + Krempel Produktshooting

Fake Brands in the Spotlight

Müller + Krempel Produktshooting

For Müller + Krempel AG, the Swiss packaging experts from the Vetropack group, we developed various fictitious brands as part of a product shooting.


Fictitious product branding

Products staged in action-packed scenes

High-quality shooting

Image editing

Müller + Krempel

Branding concept

Branding design

Shooting concept

Product shooting

Image editing

As M+K used to present products in their in-house store without labels and branding, the fictitious brands on the labels now give their packaging a fresh and vibrant look.

To match the new brand identity, we created a tailor-made scene for each product in our photo studio that perfectly emphasizes the character of the packaging products. The approximately 70 products were photographed in various combinations as well as individually and polished up so that they could be used by M+K AG for Google marketing and other purposes.

Each pictured product was presented with its own individually styled label. Both individual and series images were created in an appealing setting. This elaborate shoot ensured that the product images stand out for their authenticity and realism.

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Müller + Krempel Produktshooting