The First Recyclable Tent


niuway is a Swiss start-up committed to sustainable open-air events in Switzerland. We have brought the recyclable tents of niuway to major events in Switzerland, into retail, and beyond the national borders.


Consulting services in business strategy, communication, and marketing

Development of brand concept

Partner marketing


With its festival services, niuway is raising awareness of a sustainable goods life cycle among the Swiss population. Together with the founders, we developed a holistic brand concept, renewed the brand design and took over the communication and PR work. In this way, we are spreading the innovative service throughout Switzerland and around the world.

The emotional branding was followed by a logo redesign that embodies and represents the defined brand.

In collaboration with the niuway management, we developed a 3-year strategic plan for B2B and B2C: Positioning, communication and marketing. The goal: Getting the offering into the hands of the target audience.

The emotional branding makes the brand tangible and creates potential for identification. For niuway, we have developed, scripted and internalized emotional branding throughout the entire corporate identity process.

niuway makes enjoyment of life visible.
niuway makes quality of life visible.
niuway makes progress visible.
niuway makes balance visible.
niuway makes simplicity visible.

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