Child holding a toy and wearing a hat


ESE Agency turns Migros kids into comedy stars

Moira Meier
Migros launches SpinMania, a collectible promotion about the fabulous spinners. The creative agency ESE Agency supports them with concepts and implementations for social media campaigning. The motto: Content by kids for adults. 

Happy kids = satisfied parents 

ESE Agency's video categories put children in the spotlight. Authentic reactions to the play and collect fun make the content pieces original, unique, and provide identification for parents. Thus, Migros surprised kids on the street with the lively spinners, sparking enthusiasm with the promotion. The result: Priceless reactions with a "cuteness overload". While happy children were choreographed in TV commercials in the past, today we have real testimonials. Unstaged, credible, approachable. 

Turning the tables: Kids as comedy influencers 

In the content vessels, children become the social media faces themselves. A child actress stages sketches like the big internet comedians. The videos capture the internet zeitgeist – with a twist: Topics directly from the life reality of the target group between 4 and 10 years old. Prepared with a wink for young and young-at-heart parents. 

(Not) child's play 

Another child host went on a collecting spree at the point of sale. With one goal: To complete his collection. "Wanna trade?" – and the children's eyes light up. A win-win for everyone involved. 

Migros x ESE Agency: The content partnership continues 

ESE Agency follows up with the social media action: After the video productions for Migros campaigns "Support Culture" and "M-Escape: Haunt in Migros" comes the third installment. From conception to production, ESE Agency took the (creative) lead and implemented the videos in three national languages.