Poster mockup with two Denner employees

All about the future

ESE Agency launches sustainability platform for Denner

Elia Binelli
Denner? Sustainable? Really? Even if you don't (yet) believe it, Denner has made significant strides in sustainability over the last 20 years. To gain visibility for this commitment, we launched the most modern sustainability platform in Switzerland. Together with Denner, we have created honest, authentic, and transparent sustainability communication that finally does justice to Denner's great commitment and ambitious goals.

ese agency – smells like teen spirit. 

But who are we? We are the ese agency, a young agency from Winterthur. Here, "young" is not just an adjective to spice up the press release, but with an average age of 23 years, it's one of the current leading qualities of our company. That Denner still chooses us shows, on one hand, that the discount retailer takes the slogan "All about the future" seriously, and on the other hand, that it understands our mindset and the associated modern spirit.

We prefer to explain this spirit through our story: Within the last three years, we have grown from a trio to a twenty-member team. Starting with a nationally successful graduation project, the three founders of the ese agency have formed a thriving creative agency to this day, one hundred percent self-made. 

While others read in theory books, we feel the zeitgeist. Thus, we were able to stir up the SME world by challenging often traditional Swiss companies and making advertising success measurable. An approach that has given us credibility far beyond small and medium-sized businesses.

But what do we want? We want to continue to grow and maintain a unique mix of modern ideas, quirky concepts, and high-quality, professional work. The ese agency is booked when it comes to feeling the pulse of the times, showing and implementing completely new, unconventional paths for marketing and branding. This is what Denner did. We are proud of it and grateful for the cooperation.

For Denner we have...

... formulated a communicative bracket that unites commitment, proof of concept, and goals. Far from self-congratulation and hypocrisy – Denner has made a difference, but there's still a long way to go! Because "All about the future" means facing responsibilities and taking charge as a company. 

... created the most modern sustainability platform in Switzerland as a communication base, informing, sensitizing, and entertaining a sustainable community with stories, news, and videos about sustainability. With "All about the future," Denner doesn't just manage a simple campaign microsite, but provides a socially relevant media platform in the most modern look & feel and great reader attraction for Swiss people. 

... we created a corporate design in the "Retro Modern Art" style and took on the challenge of presenting Denner in a new, daring look for the first time.