Watson enters partnership with LYRICS Magazine

For eight years, LYRICS Magazine has been a "central hub" in the heart of the Swiss urban music scene, according to its own statements. Starting with a print edition as a graduation project, today its creators see themselves as a "unique cultural platform" in the Swiss media landscape.

A statement says: "With the most modern web presence of a HipHop platform in Europe, LYRICS entertains and informs its community about news and knowledge from the national and international urban music cosmos."

Thanks to the cooperation with Watson, these news will "gain even more impact," it continues. Regular blog posts will address the social media generation in their language. Watson as a platform picks up users in their life world, using "all facets" of digital storytelling and offers a mix of news, entertainment, and debate in terms of content."

"We are now looking for advertising partners for our joint project. Here, especially for the social area, a attention-grabbing and relevant co-creation can emerge," says Watson CCO Tarkan Özküp in the statement. He adds: "From the connection of Watson's credible environment and LYRICS' anchoring in the urban scene, an intermedia platform with impact is created over time. The desired target group is addressed in the language they understand. No artificial hype. Pure authenticity, which our customers seek for their messages."

Emanuel Ernst, CEO of ESE Agency and Lyrics Magazine, according to the statement, says: "Watson informs, entertains, and offers deep insights. In short: Watson is indispensable in the Swiss media landscape." Ernst adds: "But I always felt something was missing. A category. The music, the scene, the lifestyle category. It quickly became clear: The partnership between Watson and LYRICS Magazine holds enormous potential. We bring exciting content covering topics from music to urban lifestyle, alongside a young and urban community. LYRICS is essentially the "missing piece" in the big Watson puzzle."