Babyrace by Denner

Almost Too Cool for an Advertising Game

Babyrace by Denner

The Denner baby from the TV spot is now running and jumping through Swiss mobile screens. The new mobile game 'Babyrace' is our second big hit for Denner.


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Almost too cool for an advertising game: The platformer Babyrace shines in the iconic 80s Nintendo style and, with 100,000 players in the first week, confirmed its addictive potential for both nostalgics and our mobile generation.

But what it does best: Denner's 'Close to you' ('Nah bei dir') campaign is playfully and richly brought to life. The game challenge is as follows: Run and jump with the baby from the TV spot faster than the countdown. This shows you in real time how long it takes an adult to walk at a walking pace from one Swiss landmark to the next Denner store.

In the background, the scenes of Swiss cities are depicted with great attention to detail. Whether it's the Freddie Mercury statue in Montreux, the Sechseläutenplatz in Zurich, or the Tinguely Fountain in Basel – the next Denner is just a baby jump away.

The campaign was placed not only in Denner's internal communication channels but also on all major online platforms, as well as physically on the cover of 20 Minutes.

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Babyrace by Denner