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A Below-the-Line Campaign with Influence and Content

Helsana AG

For their image campaign 'Viva la Vida', Helsana launched a content series that does more than just entertain. The Instagram Reels 'influence' in a different way and raise awareness about the core theme of the campaign – Mental Health. In quizzes, (street) challenges, and an interview, internet stars Loredana & Kilian share tips for mental health in everyday life. Thus, the health insurance company keeps its promise: 'Committed to life'.


Multilingual social media campaign

Consistent storytelling across various content categories

Concept for a diverse and varied target audience

Collaboration with high-reach influencers


Campaign concept for social media

Content concept

Content production

Influencer marketing

Motion graphics

In five content pieces, advice comes to life. The concept highlights Helsana's expertise in mental health as soothing, tangible, and original.

Brand testimonials Loredana and Kilian from the channel "saturday.and.sunday" experience this firsthand. Whether it's through candid interviews about the influencer couple's mental health or self-experiments with exercises, we explore the factors that affect mental health: whether it's movement, diet, rest, or breathing. With everyday tips, we sharpen the message: Even small exercises and mindfulness have their effects. The targeted call-to-action strategy directly leads to Helsana's health blog, where articles delve into and expand on the video content.

"Shall we play Truth or Dare?"

Talking and being active contributes to well-being. Helsana stands for closeness to the community. On the streets, we engage pedestrians in small games – with priceless reactions. The non-commercial approach strengthens the brand's approachable positioning. This is also confirmed by over 200,000 views and numerous positive comments.

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